The Armoury Overview

The Armoury

The Armoury uses industry leading technology to securely and safely backup your valuable data over the internet. Installation is effortless and affordsyou a set-and-forget solution that you can always rely upon to recover your data. The Armoury utilises 11 data centres across multiple continents and features military grade security. Best of all, all your backed up files are accessible wherever you are via your very own web portal.

Main Features:

Backup up to 5 computers (PC & MAC)

Let's face it, not many households or business have just a single computer anymore. For the same low price The Armoury allows you to protect up to 5 PC / MAC computers.

Set-and-forget automatic backups

You simply select the folders you want protected and The Armoury does the rest. No more dealing with external hard drives, backup tapes, etc. You can sleep tight knowing that your data is safely backed up offsite.

Stores unlimited versions of your files

Every version of every file backed up is kept in The Armoury. The Armoury makes it easy to roll back to previous versions of your valuable files.

Access & Share files anywhere

Using The Armoury's web portal you can easily gain access to (and download) your backed up files anywhere you are. You no longer need to panic if you forget to take that all-important file away with you. Jump online and download it.

Securely backup all your valuable files

While The Armoury is incredible simple, the technology is cutting edge. Your files are encrypted, compressed and backed up to multiple servers located across multiple continents. Rest assured that your data is safe with The Armoury.


Features Overview

The Armoury makes online backup simple and affordable while offering advanced features usually only found in much more expensive solutions.Some of the main features of The Armoury include:

Super Fast Backup

Fastest Upload Speeds

Backup Multiple Computers

Backup multiple MAC & PC computers in a single account


Automatic archiving of missing files

Unlimited Versioning

Every Version of Every File Backed Up Forever

Military Grade Security

Three-tiered Encryption Security

Web Access to your files

Access and download your files wherever you are

Pricing & Sign up

Pricing / Sign up

Congratulations, you are only steps away from protecting your valuable data with The Armoury.


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